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3M Product Advisory - Use of Dorsal D-Ring Extenders in Leading-Edge Applications

3M Fall Protection has received a series of inquiries regarding the use of dorsal D-ring extenders with Leading Edge SRL’s in environments where sharp edges are present. Examples of 3M dorsal D-ring extenders are shown below, but the concern applies to all dorsal D-ring extenders, regardless of the supplier/manufacturer:

3M Product Advisory

Testing shows that, when dorsal D-ring extenders are used together with Leading Edge SRL’s in a leading/sharp edge application, it is possible for the lanyard, subsystem, or other system components (such as the SRL shockpack/energy absorber) to come into contact with, and be severed by, an unprotected sharp edge.

3M’s user instructions for D-ring extenders specifically direct users to avoid working where the lanyard, subsystem, or other system components will be in contact with, or abrade against unprotected sharp edges. If working with this equipment near sharp edges is unavoidable, then protection against the lanyard, subsystem, or other system components being abraded or severed must be provided by using a heavy pad or other means over the exposed sharp edge. The dorsal D-ring extender is approved for use in applications where the anchor is overhead and exposure to a sharp edge is not possible. Please refer to our instructions for use for more detailed information.


Regarding 3M products, this Product Advisory applies to the use of D-ring extenders on all 3M Self Retracting Lifeline Devices with a model designation or description of Leading Edge (LE) rated, including models:

  • 3MTM DBI-SALA® Ultra-Lok™ Leading Edge SRL’s (model #’s 3504422, 3504500 & 3504600)
  • 3M ™ DBI-SALA® Smart Lock Leading Edge SRL’s (model #’s 3503802 & 3503822)
  • 3MTM Protecta Leading Edge SRL’s (model #’s 3590540, 3590543, 3590546 & 3590548).
  • 3M™ DBI-SALA® Force2™ Leading Edge Lanyards (model #’s 1246066, 1246261, 1246068 & 1246178)

Users of non-3M dorsal D-ring extenders and leading edge SRL’s should consult the supplier/manufacturer of their products.

3M Fall Protection is continually reviewing options to help support worker safety in leading edge environments. If you have any questions, please contact 3M™ Fall Protection Technical Services at 800-328-6146.