Tremco's high-performance multi-component and single-component polyurethane sealants suit a wide variety of sealant needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cure rate for Tremco's polyurethane sealants? approximately 1/16" day at 75 degrees fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity. Figure an additional 24 hours of cure time for every 10 degrees drop in temperature.

Are they paintable? Yes once fully cured. An adhesion test of the paint to the sealant should always be done. Also, in applications with moving joints it should be expected that the paint will tear exposing the sealant below. Therefore, the paint and the sealant should be of similar colors. 

What is the minimum installation temperature for polyurethane sealants? The surface temperature of the substrate should be 40°F (4°C) and rising or above at the time the sealant is applied. It is also recommended that the sealant be stored at room temperature prior to application.

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Dymeric 240FC


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Tremco Universal Color Pack


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Tremco Vulkem 445SSL


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Tremco Vulkem 116 High Performance Polyurethane Sealant

VULKEM 116 10oz

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Tremco Vulkem 116 Polyurethane Sealant

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Tremco Vulkem 116 2gl

VULKEM 116 2gl


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